Allstate Readiness Series
Readiness Begins With Me™

About the Allstate Readiness Series

Middle Country Public Library has partnered with the Allstate Foundation since 2006 around the theme of Readiness Begins With Me™, initially to establish the Catastrophe Readiness Clearinghouse and website, with the mission of empowering individuals by providing information that leads to positive action in advance of a catastrophe.

The Allstate Readiness Series broadens the scope of the theme Readiness Begins With Me™, creating a year-long calendar of events sponsored by the Allstate Foundation and held at Middle Country Public Library – focusing on issues such as catastrophe readiness, teen safe driving, and financial empowerment for victims of domestic violence and others.

About the Middle Country Public Library

Middle Country Public Library (Centereach, NY) has been recognized at the local, state and national level for its development of innovative services to families, children, teens and adults, as well as collaborative partnerships with businesses and the health and human service community.  Located in the geographic center of Long Island , the Library serves as a community center for its 60,000 local residents and is also home to several regional and national initiatives that extend its influence regionally and nationally.  Middle Country Public Library is the national model for the Family Place Libraries project.  Its regional initiatives include the 2-1-1 Long Island Database and the Miller Business Resource Center.  All three of these initiatives demonstrate MCPL’s leadership and organizational capacity and will be utilized to extend the Allstate Readiness Series’ information and programming efforts to small businesses, families, teens and individuals. 

About The Allstate Foundation
The Allstate Foundation is an independent, charitable organization made possible by the Allstate Corporation. Allstate and The Allstate Foundation sponsor community initiatives to promote "safe and vital communities"; "tolerance, inclusion, and diversity"; and "economic empowerment".  The Allstate Foundation believes in the financial potential of every individual and in helping America's families achieve their American dream.



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